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My Monday Afternoon Job

26/05/2014 |

Foto: Eivind Øverås

The first time I was standing in a classroom full of students and had to take off my clothes felt like one of the strangest things I have ever done. Not that I have a problem with … Read More


26/11/2013 |

Here are some pictures from the Halloween-party at Rokken!

Read More

Runde – Living in the Middle of Nowhere

26/11/2013 | | Comments

Runde is an island outside of Herøy with only 150 inhabitants. It is known for its unique bird life and great hiking terrain.

In October, the Natura Group organized a trip to the lighthouse of Runde. It is located in … Read More

El Cuero – Big rock in little Volda

28/10/2013 |

El Cuero, a band which knows how to play live. And the four sweaty man from Kristiansund showed Rokken on October 24th how they can rock the house.

Formed in Kristiansund in 2005 El Cuero just released their 4th album … Read More

In the land of the fjords

17/10/2013 | | Comments

Norway is famous for all its natural wonders, the beautiful landscapes, northern lights and unique culture. When foreigners want to learn more about this country, they often search on Internet the things which make Norway an outstanding experience. The first … Read More

Interview, parents in Volda

17/10/2013 |

Since almost all of International students can say, that we are living in Volda already for one month or more, we know what kind of experiences and impressions Volda gave us. But second weekend of September was the date when … Read More

Pimp your room

01/10/2013 |

New university, new friends, new school year, but your room is as boring as it has ever been. Everyone loves a fresh start .You are in an anonymous place which doesn’t reflect who you are at all, but you don’t … Read More

Hidden danger

26/09/2013 |

At Wednesday the fourth of September, The Police arrested a 23-year-old man who confessed to the murder of 21-year-old student Anja Weløy Aarseth. He currently lives in Ålesund and had no motive for the crime. A DNA match finally led … Read More

International Nights Connecting people and cultures: Norwegian night

26/09/2013 |

Every academic year, Pangaia and the International Club in Volda University College start all its varied activities for students, among which international nights have a big importance.

The Pangaia employees, Dúnia Soriano and Evan Spaulding, together with international and … Read More

German Elections: Merkel still No. 1 Power Woman?

26/09/2013 |

Is Angela Merkel still the most powerful women in the world?

In May 2013 the Forbes Magazine voted the German chancellor Merkel to be the No. 1 Power Woman of the world but the German Bundestag (lower house of Parliament) … Read More

When nature and economics collide

18/09/2013 | | Comments

This is more than a tale from Dracula’s homeland, Transylvania; it is a non-fictional report from the country’s heart, taking into account the geographical perspective and also the Romanians feelings towards this issue.  A Romanian story about people’s motivation and … Read More

CC Cowboys rocking Rokken

16/09/2013 | | Comments

Friday night the sixth of September Studenthuset Rokken proudly presented the Norwegian rock band CC Cowboys. The five musicians became famous in the early and mid-‘90s before separating later in that decade. Luckily the band reunited in 2003.

Robert, a … Read More

– Get cuts!

09/05/2012 |

At the largest conference for journalists in Norway, SKUP, Peikestokken and NJ Volda caught up with a prominent journalist from the UK.Read More

Who the fuck is Kony?

05/05/2012 |

Joseph Kony is famous, but who is this man, and what has he really done?Read More

The young champion

29/03/2012 | | Comments

Ievgen won the Championship of Ukraine when he was only 17 years old, but the biggest victory is that Kyokushin karate helped him to become a man.Read More

Student-life curiosities

26/03/2012 | | Comments

In anticipation of April Fools’ Day, here are some comical stories from Volda.Read More